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MaMa Lotion Mandelic/Malic Acid (30 ml/1.0 oz)

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MaMa Lotion is available again! Loyal customers like you have asked and M2 Technologies (the manufacturers of MaMa Lotion) have brought it back.    

This remarkable gel-lotion is the ultimate agent for those wanting to get more out of their anti-aging routines. This 20% alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) formulation contains 10% mandelic acid and 10% malic acid with a 2.5 pH.

MaMa Lotion for uneven pigmentation, acne scarring and melasma
MaMa Lotion is particularly effective at reducing pigmentation problems in the skin. Acne, sun exposure, melasma (mask of pregnancy) and many other skin conditions can result in brown and red marks on your skin. The combination of two gentle AHAs and potent anti-inflammatory marine extracts makes MaMa Lotion effective at reducing existing hyperpigmentation while preventing new hyperpigmentation.

In the past, the benefits of higher alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) concentrations have been outweighed by the negatives. The risk of irritation, redness and hyperpigmentation make highly concentrated AHA formulations too risky for use on some skin types – particularly sensitive and darker skin. MaMa Lotion’s unique combination of non-irritating AHAs and marine derived anti-inflammatory ingredients ensure maximum results with minimal irritation and peeling, making it possible for everyone to enjoy the incredible difference a high concentration AHA product can make in their skin. 

As you use MaMa Lotion, your skin will become noticeably smoother and brighter, and the appearance of uneven pigmentation and sun damage (rough skin, sun spots, enlarged pores) will dramatically improve – possibly eliminating the need for foundation or cover up. Over time, MaMa Lotion also helps rebuild collagen levels, firming the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

MaMa Lotion can be easily incorporated into your current anti-aging routine in order to speed results. MaMa Lotion removes dry, dead skin cells from the surface of your skin that can interfere with the penetration of additional skin treatments. Incorporation of MaMa Lotion into your current routine will result in deepr delivery and increased effectiveness of your existing skin care regimen.

Because of the protective and moisturizing qualities of malic acid, this lotion takes about 10-15 minutes to fully sink into the skin. A bit sticky at first, the MaMa lotion will dry to an ultra smooth, glowing finish that will draw compliments throughout the day. Excellent for evening out pigmentation or softening feet and elbows as well. Because of the potency of the product, it is important to test sensitivity in a small area. Start off using it only once or twice a week.

Remember to wash palms of hands after use in order to prevent peeling.

As with the use of any alpha hydroxy acid, it is recommended that you always use SPF protection whenever you are exposed to sunlight. Consider a broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection formulation with a minimum of SPF 30 such as found in the Anthelios line of sunscreens.

Special instructions are required for dark skin. Please read these in directions section below.

About Mandelic Acid and Malic Acid

Mandelic acid:

  • is naturally antibacterial, which is essential for preventing and healing breakouts
  • absorbs and controls oil production, which reduces shine in combination-oily skin.

Malic acid:

  • is a humectant, which provides the skin with essential, non-greasy hydration
  • is an antioxidant that works to protect the skin from free-radicals and premature aging.

Mandelic acid and Malic acid:

  • have a slow, even penetration, resulting in considerably less irritation than glycolic or lactic acids.

What can MaMa Lotion do for you?

During extensive testing, the following improvements have been observed in patient’s skin:

  • Evened Skin Tone, Including removing age spots & freckles
  • Faded Acne Scars
  • Significantly Reduced Acne Breakouts
  • Tightened the Skin & Pores
  • Shrunk or Eliminated Blackheads
  • Reduced or Erased fine lines and wrinkles
  • Significantly reduced the symptoms of Rosacea
  • Faded Melasma

Before and After Photos Using MaMa Lotion

Here’s what users have had to say:

 Great results!!! 
After one month of using Mama Lotion…My skin is starting to glow..my pores are smaller…dark marks have faded dramaticaly…my skin is softer…and the monthly breakout tried to come to surface but it just disappeared…I have been getting chemical peals for 10 years…and this product by far is the best treatment I have had..I also use Palmers cocoa butter to moisterize..and Palmer’s brightning wipes…together everything is coming together…my dermatogist says my skin looks great…a couple of his patients told him that it’s great for toning the skin…he’s actually the one who told me to give it a try…I apply it on the entire face like 2 or 3 time a week..and I spot treat on the days I don’t..the peeling is not as bad as I thought it would be…maybe it’s because I’ve been getting chemical peels for so long now the peeling from those are so most worse…also Mama lotion brings those hidden pimples to surface which is great…and they really haven’t left any marks if so they are so small…you can’t really tell…so far I give this product a perfect 10…the best thing is…I don’t have to really use foundation like I use to…It’s great when your ready to cover up marks and they aren’t there anymore…marks fade quickly and I’ll be back next month with another review….P.S. I have an appointment with my dermatolgist on Tuesday…but I’m cancelling because I really don’t need any type of treatment right now… 

Best acne fighter!  
I have struggled with adult acne for over 3 years and NOTHING helped. I spent hundreds of dollars trying to find something that would at least lessen the intensity and frequency of my breakouts. I had very stubborn cystic acne and whiteheads. This product has helped immensely. I have been using it since September of 2007, and believe me, it does not work overnight. BUT it has worked. I still get pimples, but very infrequently which is great for me. I can’t say Mama will work for everyone, but for me it has been a lifesaver. I have combo/oily skin so as long as I put a moisturizer on a half hour after application, drying was not an issue. I tried Nucelle’s lotion first and unfortunately was not impressed. Mama lotion just worked so much better for me. I hope this review helps someone!! 

Answered Prayer
I am have been troubled with acne, over 30 years. Like alot of women, I went from adolecent acne to adult acne, cysts that wouldn’t go away. irritating my skin with products that promised to work, but didn’t. I also have melasma to add to my woes. God has lead me to your product. I do no have the cysts, or adult acne breakouts anymore!, And my oily skin is under control now! If I could find a product now that will heal my dermal melasma I will be “up town”. Like I said my acne breakouts are gone. Thankyou, and may God bless you! 

Another AA female LOVES MaMa Lotion!! 
I don’t think I ever written a product review, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to write about this product. I’ve been using is it since 1 Jan 08 and couldn’t believe the results after just the first couple of weeks. Now I’m about 6 weeks into this stuff and I’m amazed at the difference it has made. I can ALMOST wear no makeup!!! After wearing make-up daily for nearly 20 yrs. All I can say is try it for yourself!! you won’t be sorry. This stuff is serious….follow the directions I experienced less peeling when I did that. My hyperpigmentation is almost gone, not one pimple or blackhead (only initially)and my skin texture is near flawless. I truly can’t say enough about this product. 

Great for Mixed/Ethnic Skin
I am a product junkie, so I am always happy to try something new. So, when I heard about MaMa lotion from one of my beauty boards, I just had to try it. However, the price was a bit scary – until someone told me that it lasts for months. I figured I would give it a try, and if it did not work, I could always get my money returned. I also have acne, which never seems to go away. I may be lucky to have 2-3 days of clear skin, but they always come back. In addition to acne, I am mixed with Black & Puerto Rican, so I have hyperpigmentation here and there, and my acne scars stay for at least 6 months at a time. I tried MaMa lotion, loved the burning sensation (means it’s working!!), but hated the skin peeling. Now wait – I am happy that my skin peeled…it had to remove the dead surface skin. BUT, the peeling took a few days, and I spent a few hours scrubbing with a washcloth. Still a 5 star product though!! One thing I have noticed. If I have a pimple, I just dab a small amount on it, and within 2-3 days, the pimple dries out. The skin also peels off (still a bit dark, but it lightens). I also get cystic pimples (HATE THEM!!), so I must make sure NOT to apply MaMa lotion on them. Have tried to apply the lotion to my cystic acne, and it took longer to heal. Just a warning for you all. Overall – this product lasts forever…and please, after you apply the product, apply a good moisturizer after 5 minutes. Otherwise…the peeling is crazy. 🙂 

I have read a lot of these reviews. I am also a product junkie: have oily, large pored, blackheads, and cysts. Been on tazorac, differin, clyndamycin, accutane (3 x), used major drugstore brands and primarily use now expensive brands – love MD Forte, Topix… I used a sample of mama lotion on an emerging cyst – and the next morning – it brought it to the surface, reduced the redness, and made it smaller – it basically sped up the natural process of the cyst. It also overnight reduced the pigmentation on old larger acne marks that I have been trying to get rid of with HQ. This stuff will speed up the process of bringing CURRENTLY existing pimples and blocked pores to the surface, which were under surface. So it actually doesnt make it worse – it just speeds up the process of it erupting on your face. So with or without the lotion – they would have come eventually. Also, you should really not be using this on sensitive dry skin – ie the eyes area and the chest area – these places have little to know oil glands – you are asking for permanent damage. Dont do it. Having said that -I am going to be purchasing a full size product now. I am impressed. 

I have never written a review for skin products, and I’ve tried EVERYTHING. I am an African American female and this product is the only thing that has ever made a huge difference in my skin. My skin was post acne, with occassional breakouts, but lots of scarring and large pores. My pores are now significantly smaller and scarring reduced by approximately 50%. I’ve been using the product for a month now. It is advised to use the product every other day, but I use it daily. I use an SPF 30 sunscreen cream during the day and wash with a Aveeno cleanser with a mild scrub. This keeps my skin from looking dry and exfoliates so that I’m not peeling under my makeup. Also, during the day I use mineral powder makeup which covers well, but is lightweight. I feel that with regular use, I will be able to use little to no makeup. My skin has never looked better and I am 37 years old. I feel that each person has to know their skin and adjust the usage and their daytime regimen to the product and anyone can have great results. If your skin is especially sensitive, then use it less and increase usage over time and protect yourself from the sun during the day. I found that I still had occassional breakouts because I stopped using my Acne Free Repair lotion containing benzoyl peroxide, so I use it during the day and it keeps my skin under control. I’ve never been happier. 

This stuff does work great for acne scarring
I’m 31 and have had acne scarring my entire life. I’ve spent tons at the dermatologist to clear my skin, but no solution lasted long. I have a medium brown complexion and have always been plagued by acne scars. It’s been one month and I’ve finished the sample package they sent. My acne is completely gone. My scars are 90 percent gone. I just received my large bottle in the mail today. The acne scars will seem a little darker at first, but after a week they suddenly began to lighten and peel away. I use it every night before going to bed. My skin tone is finally smooth and I expect my acne scars to be completely gone within a couple weeks. With regular use, I have no more breakouts. I am greatful for this product that actually works, even on dark skin! I’ll post another follow-up in a few weeks. 

I have witnessed an elbow miracle
After reading all of the reviews I purchased this product feeling I had nothing to lose. I have had dark pigmentation and scarring on my elbows since childhood. I am now 52. When I noticed my elbows getting even darker, I decided to once again search for something to assist the problem although rarely have I seen much improvement from prior remedies. After following the instructions for the application of the Mama lotion, I began to notice exfoliation the next day in the shower. Within a month there was noticable improvement. It is now three months later and the rough skin is gone, the darkened areas have lifted to a slight variation of my normal skin and the scarring since childhood is not as noticeable. I am ordering my second bottle to see if the scars will eventually fade completely, but if they do not, I am already more than satisfied. I found this product to be miraculous for the condition of my elbows. 

Great product for large pores
I have been using this product for about a month (I received a sample then ordered more samples) – and my pores are definitely improving. I have dry skin, but have large pores on and around my nose. I’ve had 4 laser treatments and honestly, the MaMa Lotion worked better! My pores are smaller, and the skin on and around my nose is smoother. I started putting a little Mama Lotion on my forehead, too – as well as on a darkened, indentation on my cheek – and all have improved and become smoother. The indentation peeled – and then revealed new skin underneath. I only use Mama Lotion at night – because I like to use my skinceutical products for daytime under make-up. It does sting for awhile after I put it on – I have sensitive skin – but the stinging doesn’t cause any problems and goes away. I use the lotion every night on and around my nose – and every other night elsewhere on my face. I have also been putting a thin layer on my chest for anti-aging purposes. I can honestly say that I’ve noticed more improvement with this lotion than after laser genesis treatments! I’ll be getting the bigger size next order! 

Oh my heck Im Glowing
I have oily, acne-prone skin with huge, mucked-up pores. I have used Glycolics in the past, NEVER AGAIN! This stuff is the best I’ve used EVER! It does NOT irritate my skin at all and within 2 weeks of every other day use, I feel like my skin has the suppleness of a 25 yr old! I’m literally glowing! My makeup just slides on and if I look in the mirror, it’s almost as if I’m seeing my skin through one of those 1980’s film filters they used on the older female stars! LOL! LOVE IT, Totally worth the cash! After cleansing & Toning, I use two squirts on my face and 1 on my neck. It smooths on very easily if your skin is still slightly damp from toning. Use every other night, and you’ll TOTALLY see a difference. Thankyou MaMa People! Now give me a miracle in a bottle for my eye crepe-iness!! 

The best product in the market  
I typically don’t write product reviews, but after using MaMa Lotion for 2 months and seeing the amazing results, I felt this was the least I could do. I have melasma, mostly on top of my nose and sides of my face along my cheek bones. It’s hereditary, also due to use of birth control pills and hormonal changes. I have tried almost every product available in the market, visited numerous dermatologists, spent $100’s of dollars and nothing ever worked. I used prescription products containing the maximum amount of hydroquinone, Lustra and Tri-Luma. Tri-Luma is supposed to be the most effective prescription treatment for melasma, it’s very expensive, $120 for one tube. I didn’t see any improvement after using these products! The dark spots on my nose and cheeks never faded away. Tri-Luma is only supposed to be used for 8 weeks since in addition to hydroquinone also has steroids which can cause skin atrophy. I did start seeing a little bit of this on my skin after only 6 weeks of using this product. MaMa Lotion is the best product I have used in the last 8 years. I recommend it to anyone who suffers from dark spots on their face, hands or any other part of their body. The product causes a slight peeling at first, but if you start using it according to the instructions, you should not have any problems. My skin is very sensitive; MaMA Lotion is wonderful since it only causes a slight peeling of the areas where I have applied it. Take my word, if you have any type of discolorations on your skin, try this great product, you will LOVE IT! 

Where has this product been all my life
I have been using MaMa lotion for about 3 months now. I have suffered for years with acne, large pores, and skin discolorations. At first, it “purged” my skin. The stuff that came out of my pores was really disgusting! Then I immediately began to have clearer skin, my melasma lightened, and my acne scars are fading. I now have that “makeup optional” skin that I have always wanted. I look in the mirror and I can’t believe this is my skin. I wish this stuff came in a 50 gallon drum! 

Thankful for this product. 
I am 40 years old and have suffered with cystic acne since I was a teenager. I finished accutane treatment two years ago and my skin has been clear from the cystic acne but my face, back and chest have been left scarred. I have been using the mama lotion for 6-8 weeks now and see a dramatic change. I am relieved that this has worked to decrease the appearance of the acne scarring on my face especially as I was not looking forward to dermatologist treatments that would cost me $100.00 per session. I am thankful for the results so far and will continue to use this product as long as it continues to work.  

I never write reviews but… 
This product is really working for me! I have acne problems and they easily cause scarring on my fair skin. I also have some melasma from bcp’s and the sun — the darkness on my upper lip is really annoying! Anyways, I have been using MaMa lotion for about 3 weeks and my skin tone is MUCH better! My scars and melasma have lightened quite a bit. Regarding some of the negative comments others have said… I have not found a problem with the stickiness. You have to put a thin coat (per the directions) on the skin, and the lotion will tighten a bit — it’s not like a moisturizer, which you can add on top after 15 min (this is all in the directions). I have only noticed a sticky feel when I put on several coats in one area. There is a burning feel when first applied, for about 10 sec. Just fan your face and it should go away. I like this, as it really feels like it is working. However, after years of using retinols, alpha/beta hydroxy acids, etc, my skin is pretty desensitized to acidic products. I apply MaMa either 1 or 2x per day. New users with delicate skin may want to do a small patch test on a part of their skin. Interestingly, the people that have the most problems with burning and peeling seem to have used the lotion on elbows and knees… something to consider. There is a small amount of peeling, but nothing like Retin-A. And like another user’s comment, I like there there is some peeling because increased cell turnover is what is supposed to happen — it means it is working! I absolutely love this product, and now that I have “tested” it, I will tell all my friends and family. 

The best lotion for my scars
Honestly this is by far the best product I’ve tried for my scars (pimples/zits). I even went to the doctor for my breakouts, because my wedding was coming up and he prescribed a lotion for my face. Used the lotion and it litterly burnt by face, I had soo many scars, the worst my skin has ever been. Too bad i didn’t find out about Mama Lotion before my wedding. I love this stuff and swear by it! My skin hasn’t been this clear in a long time! I’ve tried, Proactive, so many different cleansers, herbal remedies but none that even remotely worked as well as Mama lotion! I’ve been using it for one month with awesome results I LUV THIS STUFF! 

 it worked on an old scar
I am Indian with brown skin tone. I used it on a 5 yers old scar on my arm and it did work. I used it for about 22 days..everyday..The scar is now faded almost completely!  

best skin care product Ive seen in ten years
I’ve suffered with acne for the past ten years (from 18-28). These were supposed to be my prime years. My opportunity to be my best but my acne was so bad at times it made me self conscious. I didn’t want to participate in social functions and despite my friends support I still felt like a monster. My face was always greasy people would ask me if I was sweating. It was terrible I felt like people were looking at my pimples while talking to me. I tried proactiv and it worked better than any other acne medication but the results were moderate at best. Nothing has worked as well mama lotion, period. It has cleared my acne and almost completely eliminated the oil on my skin. Use as directed and you too will benefit. 

Awesome Excellent Wonderful
I had been using all kinds of skin care products to get rid of my hormonal acne. Had this problem after the pregnancy for over a year now. I’m asian with brown skin and all I can say it makes my skin smoother and awesome, my acne is gone and currently drying and brown spots from previous acne scar~~~~FADING~~~FAST~~~I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Just purchased the sample and for sure buying the regular size. Worth trying and very effective. 

This Stuff is Great
I felt compelled to write this as an African American Woman. I recently moved to Atlanta and the water here is horrible!! As a result of the move, stress, heat, hormones and bad water, my skin broke out ALL OVER my face. I have tried Retinol, amoxicillin, Retin A, Glycolic Peels & Microdermabrasion (2x a month for 4 months at Spa Sydell= $650.00) And nothing even made a bit of a difference. I’ve been using this stuff for 2.5 weeks and the marks are fading and I can’t freaking believe it. It I had found this stuff last year or even a few years ago (I’ve had problem skin for most of my adult life, but not like this)I would probably have about an extra $2000 in my pocket. Everyone was right about the stinging and peeling but I think its definatley worth it. I think in about 2 more months my skin will be a little more clear and enough for me to stop wearing liquid foundation in 90 degree ATL weather (and I never wore liquid foundation except on special occasions). I hope this review is helpful. Oh, and I only started with the $7.00 trial size kit. I was sceptical that this was another gimmick, but I was willing to try anything at this point. The trial size lasted me 4 weeks and I used it night and day-yes I’m in a hurry to see results. Lots of love to all of the beautiful women. 

I have tried everything on my elbows. No matter the cost. I purchased the samples of Mama lotion one week ago. Tough, calloused skin is peeling off. I can actually see clear skin beneath. I used a fruit scrub to help remove the skin and got too agressive but it is worth it to see clear skin for the first time in over 20 years. The stinging sensation is mild compared to the results. I recommend this product to anyone. 



MaMa Lotion is primarily a night treatment. In the evening, apply a thin layer to clean skin every other day for first two weeks. If excessive peeling or irritation occurs, discontinue use for one week then resume application – applying only once or twice a week. Flaking is normal for first few weeks. Avoid eyelids and lips.

Lotion may take about 10-15 minutes to fully absorb. Always wear a daily sunscreen. Please Note: Application of MaMa Lotion may cause a stinging sensation as the acids enter the skin. It usually dissipates within 30-40 seconds. Prolonged stinging and itching signifies sensitivity to the product. Application of a moisturizing cream beforehand will buffer penetration and minimize irritation.

Because of the potency of the product, it is important to test sensitivity in a small area. Start off using it only once or twice a week. Remember to wash palms of hands after use in order to prevent peeling.

MaMa Lotion Instructions for Dark Skin Types
Since darker skin tones are more prone to hyperpigmentation, it is important to take special note of these instructions. MORE IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER.

  1. When using MaMa Lotion on dark skin it is very important to start slow and gradually increase the usage to obtain the best results.

  2. For most individualls who have never used active ingredients on the skin we recommend using MaMa Lotion no more that twice a week for the first few weeks up to one month.

  3. Gradually increase usage to every other day as tolerated. Some individuals may be able to use MaMa Lotion every day eventually, some may not.

  4. Mild peeling is normal, but if the skin becomes irritated, red, or inflamed this may cause darkening of the skin (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation). If your pimples heal with brown color that lasts for weeks or months, you are at risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

  5. More is not always better. If the skin does become irritated:

    1. Stop using MaMa Lotion for a few days.

    2. Use only a good gentle moisturizer only such as La Roche Posay for few days.

    3. Protect the skin from any direct sunlight with a strong physical sunscreen containing titanium and zinc. This would be good to use daily while treating hyperpigmented skin and for ongoing maintenance because hyperpigmentation can always come back.

    4. Within a few days the MaMa Lotion may be started again.

  6. Everyone will be able to find the right schedule to use without causing hyperpigmentation.

  7. If the skin is ultra sensitive, we would recommend applying the moisturizer first to seal the skin and then apply the MaMa Lotion over the top of the Moisturizer (reverse order).

  8. Remember the key to success is to use enough MaMa Lotion to lighten the skin or clear up the acne but not so much that the skin is irritated and at risk of hyperpigmentation.

  9. A wide brimmed hat is also important to give maximum protection to the face from the sun.

  10. Non facial areas of skin will do best if irritations and abrasions are avoided and the areas are kept well moisturized and protected from the sun. 


Water, Mandelic Acid, Malic Acid, Algae Extract, Polyacrylamide, Potassium Hydroxide, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Ubiquinone, Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Fragrance, Squalane, Laureth-7, Tetrasodium EDTA, Isopropylparaben, Isobutylparaben and Butylparaben.


MaMa Lotion should never be applied over or under a retinol, benzoyl peroxide, or other AHA products. These products should be used on alternate days. A broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen should always be worn during the day while using this product.


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