Month: May 2008


Mandelic Acid for Acne, Wrinkles and Melasma

Mandelic acid, chemical name alpha-hydroxybenzeneacetic acid, is an alpha hydroxy acid extracted from bitter almonds. Widely used in the skin care formulations for their ability to assist with a range of conditions including hyperpigmentation, acne and wrinkles, alpha hydroxy acids are often derived from fruit acids. Despite their usefulness in skin care preparations, some alpha hydroxy… Read more »

Anthelios Packages Get You Ready for Summer

Summer’s nearly here and PhaMix is offering a selection of Anthelios sunscreen packages that include a free gift worth up to $40. This special promotion is designed for our newsletter subscribers and blog readers only and expires May 19th. Whether you’re a sports lover, a skin care afficianado or want to take care of your family,… Read more »


Active Ingredients in Skin Care Products

There’s a lot of buzz in the skin care industry these days about ‘topical actives’. And while some companies try to sensationalize the idea of a topical active, from a pharmaceutical perspective, active ingredients (topical or otherwise) are simply the ones that deliver some sort of pharmacological effect to skin. When related to skin care… Read more »