Month: July 2008

What Does "Dermatologist Skin Care" Mean?

The skin care products and services industry is responsible for billions of dollars in sales each year. New cosmetics are continuously launched and introduced to the public. Many of these products contain effective ingredients that can help your skin. Other products and services are less effective, but they’re marketed aggressively. The phrase “dermatologist skin care”… Read more »

Can A Skin Care Product Repair Your DNA?

The skin care industry is massive. And while there are truly effective products containing ingredients that can make a difference to your skin, there are others that probably aren’t worth wasting your time on. Because the cosmetics industry is largely unregulated, you’ll find that some cosmetics manufacturers will make unsupported claims. Recently, some manufacturers have… Read more »


Everything You Wanted to Know About Sunscreens – Free E-Book

Sunscreen Bible – The Definitive Sun Protection Manual Download your free copy now! (you’ll be redirected to – click on the icon to download your copy) The importance of protecting yourself from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can’t be overestimated. In addition to avoiding sunburns caused by UVB rays, we need… Read more »