Month: October 2008

Essential Fatty Acids and Dry Skin

Dry skin, flaking, itching, cracking, and even bleeding… these are some of the symptoms that skin can exhibit with the more serious cases leading to eczema. In severe cases of eczema, itching can lead to infection. According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, up to 30% of the U.S. population is affected by eczema…. Read more »

Is Idebenone an Effective Antioxidant?

There’s been a surge of interest in an artificial antioxidant called idebenone. It’s a derivative of a natural antioxidant called Coenzyme Q10 (also known as ubiquinone) which is produced within the body. As interest in idebenone has increased, cosmetic manufacturers have begun to include the ingredient within their products. But, does idebenone actually work to… Read more »

Sensitive Skin Care

Men and women invest a significant amount of time and money to care properly for their skin. They use cleansers, exfoliants, moisturizers, and sunscreens in order to keep their skin healthy while protecting it from the environment. However, it’s possible that you may unintentionally be irritating your skin without realizing that you’re doing so. And… Read more »

Are Sunscreens With Nanoparticles Safe?

With a diameter that measures under 100 nanometers (nm), nanoparticles are manufactured using new technology that involves manipulation of tiny scale atoms and molecules. While invisible to the ey, some individuals are concerned that their tiny size may pose health and environmental risks, wreaking havoc if absorbed through the skin. Once this happens, there is… Read more »

Protecting Skin in Winter

We spend a lot of time protecting our skin from the sun’s UV rays during the warmer months. However, our skin is just as susceptible to damage during the winter months. In fact, people of all ages suffer from dry skin during the winter because the humidity is typically much lower. When skin becomes dry, it… Read more »

Vitamin K and Skin

There are many skin care products that contain vitamin K. Product manufacturers claim that it can provide a number of benefits including reducing the severity of dark circles underneath the eyes, helping eliminate spider veins, and eliminating bruising that results from laser treatments. Topical vitamin K is not considered a drug, so  advertisers don’t have… Read more »