Month: November 2008

When To Apply Sunscreen In Your Beauty Routine

Cosmetic manufacturers have increasingly included sun filtering agents within their products. So it’s not surprising that people assume that using such products might provide enough protection from both UVA and UVB rays. In general, makeup and other cosmetics that include sunscreens are not adequate for protecting your skin from the sun. While they certainly are beneficial,… Read more »

Pomegranate: Can It Protect Your Skin?

Cosmetics manufacturers are always looking for newer, better, more effective ingredients that can be used to improve the skin. It’s not a simple process. Many ingredients claim to provide benefits, yet only a few are supported by scientific studies. While it doesn’t mean that ingredients lacking clinical studies are necessarily ineffective, it does mean that… Read more »

Can Exercise Improve Your Skin?

The importance of exercise can’t be underestimated. In addition to helping maintain your physical health, it’s been shown to  increase your blood circulation, thereby improving the delivery of nutrients throughout your body. Regular exercise can also boost the immune system and help to prevent disease including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity. It is… Read more »

How Vitamin E Protects Skin Cells

There are dozens, even hundreds, of ingredients that skin care and cosmetic manufacturers put into their products. And there’s no shortage of claims regarding the efficacy of those ingredients. However, most lack substantial research that includes double-blind, placebo-based clinical studies to support the claims. Vitamin E is one of the few ingredients for which a… Read more »

Toners – Why You Need One

There is an ongoing debate regarding whether the use of toners is necessary for keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy. In truth, a lot of people misunderstand the benefits that toners provide. They’re commonly confused with cleansers and similar products that are supposed to remove excess residue from your skin. Today, I’ll describe the… Read more »

CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) And Skin

Coenzyme Q10, or simply CoQ10 (also called ubiquinone) is a compound found in human cells that exhibits antioxidant properties. Because of this, cosmetic manufacturers have included it in a number of skin care products. The theory is that applying topical agents which include CoQ10 will deliver its antioxidant benefits to the skin. Today, I’ll describe the compound… Read more »