Month: February 2009

Can Ceramides Help Your Dry Skin?

Ceramides are one of three types of lipids (fats) along with cholesterol and free fatty acids found in the stratum corneum, the top layer of the epidermis, the skin’s covering. These three lipids have many different functions in the body. In addition to helping to maintain the skin’s protective barrier, ceramides also function as cell… Read more »

Rosacea: New Findings

Although nobody really knows what causes rosacea, a number of theories exist as to why some individuals are susceptible to developing it. New research may have found some important clues. Researchers in San Diego discovered that cathelicidin, a protein that naturally occurs in the body, could cause the redness of rosacea. Cathelicidin normally protects the… Read more »

Superfruits in Skin Care: Acerola

Acerola, a cherry-like fruit with high antioxidant activity, can now join the ranks of acai berry, blueberries and pomegranate in skin care formulations. Prevalent in drinks, yogurts and soups, acerola first appeared in Japanese skin care products at least five years ago. Niche skin care brands have started incorporating it into their facial care products… Read more »