Pomegranates in Skin Care

It’s pomegranate season! (and I’m excited). Am I the only one who can’t resist them? You can’t walk past a supermarket in November without being tempted – huge baskets brimming with glowing red orbs that hold the promise of sweet, sour juicy delight.

For the past few weeks, every day (yes every day), I’ve been carefully peeling one, patiently setting the seeds aside before I can sit down and devour them one at a time. Yesterday, I even managed to enlist the help of my daughters, who for some reason found the careful collection process rather enjoyable. Hmmm… could be on to something there.

In addition to the sweet, sour tangy flavor, I love the way that the seeds ‘pop’ in your mouth. And I’ll bet anyone that all that fiber in the seeds is doing wonders for my digestive system.

Pomegranates In Your Skin Cream

A recent ‘it’ ingredient in cosmetics, I recently discussed the benefits of pomegranate in a blog posting. Pomegranates or pomegranate extracts are being added to skin care products for its active ingredients which include:

  • Ellagic acid, a potent antioxidant, which can help to prevent free radical damage
  • Punicic acid, derived from pomegranate oil, is an anti inflammatory ingredient that can aid cell regeneration and proliferation
  • Linoleic acid, also derived from pomegranate oil, possesses moisturizing properties.

There are women that do, but I’m not in the habit of applying food to my face. However, if I suddenly found it appealing, I might just start with pomegranates.