Month: April 2010

Spring Cleaning…

Spring was in the air and last month as I embarked on a push to finish off with house decorating that had taken a back seat for years (I know, I know…) I found myself convincing my husband that we had to sell our house. The lack of an enclosed office had left our living… Read more »

Elastin and Youthful Skin

Elastin is a protein found in connective tissue. It has an ‘elastic’ property that keeps skin and other tissues flexible upon stretching or contracting, helping them to retain their shape. While we think of elastin when talking about skin, it also provides an important function in other body parts including the lungs, elastic ligaments, the… Read more »

4 Top Beauty Trends For 2010

Mintel, the market research company that predicts consumer trends, has predicted 4 top beauty trends for 2010. The recession, innovation and resilience have helped to shape these new trends, which incorporate new ways to merge science, nature and sustainability along with more eco-friendly formulas and packaging. Trend 1: Mood Beauty. This trend capitalizes on the… Read more »