Month: April 2010

Chewing Gum: Can It Cause Wrinkles?

Sure it freshens your breath and can help you quit smoking, but did you know that some cosmetic surgeons believe that chewing gum may cause wrinkles? According to an article on, one dermatologist claims that he’s noticed the development of a wrinkle pattern amongst his gum chewing patients. Experts attribute the gum-wrinkle connection to… Read more »


Lippodissolve: Can It Melt Your Fat Away?

We live in such a fast paced, youth obsessed world today, that it’s not surprising promises of quick fixes such as Lippodissolve hold wide appeal. Witness the recent uptake of cosmetic procedures including Botox, injectable fillers and liposuction. People are willing to pay handsomely for procedures that promise fast results in the neverending quest to… Read more »

4 Top Beauty Trends For 2010

Mintel, the market research company that predicts consumer trends, has predicted 4 top beauty trends for 2010. The recession, innovation and resilience have helped to shape these new trends, which incorporate new ways to merge science, nature and sustainability along with more eco-friendly formulas and packaging. Trend 1: Mood Beauty. This trend capitalizes on the… Read more »

Cosmetic medicine

Facial Aging May Be Related to Facial Bones

We’re all familiar with the face lift as being the ultimate solution to bringing back a youthful look to an aging face. However, new research suggests that restoring a youthful look takes more than just tightening loose skin. A study recently published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery suggests that facial rejuvenation of… Read more »