Bovine Colostrum Skin Care

It sounds icky (and I’m not sure I’d want to put it on my face), but skin care lines are incorporating bovine colostrum (the after-birth secretion of milk cows) into their products.

Similar to the colustrum that human mothers produce after birth, this is the first fluid food that is produced by a milk cow’s mammary glands during the first 48 hours after giving birth. Colustrum contains high levels of protein and antibodies and helps to transfer immunity and protection against diseases from a mother to her newborn.

The rationale behind incorporating bovine colostrum is that it is very similar to human colostrum with bovine colostrum containing over 40 times more in immune factors. The ingredient contains growth hormones, amino acids, vitamins and minerals along with powerful immune factors reportedly beneficial to humans of all ages. When incorporated into skin care products, bovine colostrum is said to deliver moisture and nutrients while providing a protective barrier.

Additionally, antibodies in the colostrum is said to help clear the skin, may restore the viability of connective tissue, increases moisture content and may decrease the depth of wrinkles.

Not for me. Maybe you?

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