La Roche Posay Dry Skin Treatments

A sure sign of winter is dry skin – and that’s where La Roche Posay can help.

We stock the full range of the well priced and effective La Roche Posay skin care line at PhaMix. A top selling brand, it’s loved by customers and skin care professionals alike for its ability to handle a variety of skin conditions.

When it comes to dry skin, La Roche Posay incorporates a number of useful ingredients in its formulations:

  • Shea butter. A wonderful plant based moisturizer that delivers without greasiness. Find it in Nutritic and Lipikar.
  • Sodium hyaluronate. Helps to plump skin and hold onto moisture. Find in Hydraphase products.
  • Glycerin. A humectant, glycerin helps to draw moisture into the skin and protect against water loss. Found in Toleriane, where it soothes oily skin without greasiness, and Lipikar.
  • Urea. Works to both remove rough, dry skin and restore the skin’s natural protective barrier. Find it in La Roche Posay Iso Urea.

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