Canthacur Wart Treatment: New

Canthacur Wart Treatment

We’ve recently introduced Canthacur, a wart treatment, to our online store. Indicated for the topical treatment of warts, Canthacur works without scarring, making it useful for treating exposed areas where cosmetic results are important.

This potent, concentrated formulation is highly effective but should only be applied by a licensed physician. It is NOT designed for self-treatment. Canthacur should not be used near eyes, on face, mucous membranes or ano-genital areas. Its use should be avoided on inflamed or irritated skin. Diabetics or individuals with poor circulation are not suitable candidates for treatment.

When used as directed and applied by your physician, Canthacur is well tolerated and delivers good results. The solution contains:

  • Cantharidin – a chemical compound secreted by beetles and which is used to treat warts
  • Podophyllin – derived from the American Mayapple, it is useful in removing warts
  • Salicylic acid – from the willow tree, it can be used to prepare aspirin. When applied topically at higher concentrations, it can be used to remove warts.

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