Month: September 2012

Rhamnose: What Can This Sugar Do For Your Skin?

A naturally occurring sugar, rhamnose can be isolated from plants including Buckthorn and poison sumac. It is now being promoted as an anti-wrinkle agent. Can rhamnose benefit your skin? Rhamnose has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and skin soothing properties. One skin care manufacturer’s clinical trials demonstrated that it targeted the papillary dermis, a fragile… Read more »

Fall 2012 Make-Up Trends

I’m not a huge make-up person – some lipstick, eyeliner and a touch of blush are usually what I wear. Yet, every September when I flip through the massive fall issues of my favorite fashion magazines, I can’t help but notice new trends. Sometimes they’re reinventions (purple is the new black?); other times I think… Read more »

La Roche Posay Mela D Pigment Control: New

New La Roche Posay Mela D Pigment Control offers intensive corrective treatment for visible dark spots. Clinical studies show proven efficacy over a period of 8 weeks: 28% decrease in dark spots 36% increase in skin’s radiance 24% decrease in discoloration Formulated with 3 key ingredients – kojic acid, LHA/glycolic acid and Thermal Dermobiotic Extract-… Read more »

La Roche Posay Rosaliac AR Intense: New

New La Roche Posay Rosaliac AR Intense offers intensive care and delivers localized anti-redness relief for couperose-prone, sensitive and fragile skin & intense redness. This intensive concentrate is a fluid, ultra-fresh and non-oily gel. It combines 3 active ingredients to reduce redness at its source and prevent its reappearance: Ambophenol: a powerful vegetal extract rich… Read more »

Pycnogenol: What This Pine Bark Extract Can Do For Your Skin

Pycnogenol® is the brand name for an extract derived from the bark of the French maritime pine tree, grown over the coastal region of South west France. The extract contains bioflavonoids and proanthocyanidins, which are also found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Both these components are known to possess antioxidant properties and are thought to… Read more »