At Home Peels VS. Professional Peels

You know that you can have your spa or dermatologist perform a peel; you also know that you can do one yourself at home. There are differences – do you know they are?

The main difference between a professional peel and an at home peel is not in the ingredients, but in the pH factor. pH levels determine acidity and peels with a lower pH factor are more acidic and can penetrate deeper and work faster than one with a higher pH. For this reason, peels designed to be used at home will have a higher pH, giving you a wider margin of safety upon application.

When you are have an office peel done, you will be monitored by staff to ensure that the peel doesn’t go too deep, it is still active and it is not delivering unwanted side effects. When you do a peel at home, you’re only relying upon yourself to ensure that the peel is working correctly. For this reason, at home peels are lower in acidity, making them safer to use.

When it comes to results, at home peels will deliver milder results than one done professionally. In most cases, they will leave your skin looking fresher and younger. They also tend to be much less expensive than ones done in a spa or doctor’s office. At home peels generally contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) including glycolic acid, lactic acid or salicylic acid. Neostrata Skin Renewal Peel Solution , contains glycolic acid and gluconolactone and will remove the build up of dead cells on the skin’s surface helping to even out the complexion and leaving radiant, younger looking skin behind.

If you have your peel done professionally, one done at the spa will differ from one done at the doctor’s. Spa peels are mild to medium in strength. In addition to helping you look fresher and brighter, they can help with wrinkles and scarring, depending on how strong the peel is and how long it is left on the skin. Since all peels carry a risk of scarring (the risk increases the stronger the peel), it’s probably wise to go to a dermatologist if you’re looking for a deep or higher concentration peel. Similarly, if you’re a woman of color, also seek out a dermatologist – individuals with darker skin also scar more easily.

A peel at your dermatologist’s office can include light, medium or deep peels. These professional peels use high concentration acids and may be left on the treated area for one or two days with the help of dressings. Because the peels may be so potent, they carry with them the risk of scarring, pigmentation or infection. They are costly, and can run into the thousands of dollars for a treatment. However, if you are looking for significant results, this is the right type of peel for you as the effects can last for many years.

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