Do You Really Need a Serum in Your Skin Care Routine?

We’ve got our routine down pat with cleansing, moisturizing and using a sunscreen every day, but do we really need a serum in our skin care routine?  For most of us who are trying to achieve the best and healthiest skin possible, the answer would be a resounding, “Yes!” 

Serums are a relatively new addition to the cosmetics industry, and in the past decade, their popularity has exploded judging by the sheer number of different ones available on the market.   They are not meant to replace your favorite moisturizer but are most effective when used in addition to it.  The main advantage of serums is that they lightweight and water-based, allowing them to be layered under or over other products. They often come in small bottles and are powerful liquids of concentrated active ingredients.   When applied to the clean skin, serums are a great vehicle for delivering specific targeted treatments.

The serum that works best for you will depend entirely upon your specific skin care concern, whether it be anti-aging, dark spots, a dull complexion or dry skin.  Here are some of our most popular serums at PhaMix:

Apothekari Vitamin C, E and Ferulic Acid: our top selling, super-antioxidant serum is formulated with high potency concentrations of Vitamin C (15%), Vitamin E (1%), Ferulic Acid (0.5%) and Sodium Hyaluronate.  This is your go-to serum in the fight against free radicals and environmental stresses that cause premature aging.  The result is skin that is noticeably brighter, firmer and more evenly toned.

Neostrata Anti-Aging Serum with Fruit&Peptide Stem Cells: this new serum from Neostrata incorporates the cutting-edge technology of stem cell technology and powerful peptides to reverse the signs of aging and increase skin hydration.

M2 High Potency Skin Refinish Serum:  the secret behind this multi-purpose facial treatment is a combination of 20% Mandelic and Malic acids.   These gentle, exfoliating  AHA’s work to even out skin tone, reduce age spots, and prevent acne breakouts.

La Roche Posay Pigment Control: a concentrated serum that targets dark spots, skin discolorations and uneven skin tone.  This hydroquinone-free formulation uses kojic acid, LHA and glycolic acid to reduce the look of dark spots and boost skin radiance.

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