Month: January 2013

Solar Urticaria

Solar Urticaria is a rare and extreme skin reaction caused by exposure to natural sunlight or to other artificial sources of ultraviolet light such as tanning beds and UV lamps.  Its principal characteristic is a hive-like rash that develops within minutes of sun exposure.  Once the skin is no longer exposed to the ultraviolet light,… Read more »

New Cliniderm RosaCalm For Rosacea

Cliniderm RosaCalm and Cliniderm Rosacalm 30 are two new creams specially formulated for sensitive and rosacea-prone skin. We’ve discussed rosacea before: a chronic and progressive skin condition. It often presents itself as flushing of the skin, redness, bumps, pimples and tiny visible blood vessels on the face.  Symptoms tend to appear in a cyclic fashion,… Read more »