Month: March 2013

Redermic C by La Roche Posay

If you’re a lover of all things French, then you probably can’t resist La Roche Posay, a French cosmetics line that includes coveted Anthelios sunscreens and newly revamped Redermic C . Improving on their tried, trusted and beloved line-up of Redermic skin care treatments, Redermic C combines madecassoside, known for its skin repairing abilities with 5%… Read more »

NEW! NeoStrata AquaYouth

NeoStrata AquaYouth Filling Anti-Wrinkle Cream is now available at PhaMix! NeoStrata AquaYouth Filling Anti-Wrinkle Cream works to erase fine lines and wrinkles by treating them at their source with both immediate and long-term moisture. This product is specially formulated for women looking for serious hydration and visible anti-wrinkle benefits. There’s no doubt that hydrated skin… Read more »

Sun-Induced Herpes

While a herpes outbreak can occur under various circumstances: fever, fatigue, menstruation or stress, sun-induced herpes is a direct result of exposure to the sun. Individuals may experience a significant outbreak around the mouth or nose that occurs as soon as they begin winter sports or at the beginning of summer. An outbreak of sun-induced… Read more »

Rosehip Oil

Most of us are familiar with rosehip tea with its deep red color and tart, fruity flavor, but when thinking about active ingredients in skin care, rosehip oil doesn’t immediately spring to mind. Both the tea and the oil come from the seed of the rose plant. The pods that remain after the rose petals… Read more »

L-Bisabolol: In Your Skin Care

In reading through the ingredient list of your skin care preparations, you may have stumbled across L-bisabolol, often called just plain old bisabolol. A colorless viscous oil, it is derived from German chamomile (Matricaria recutita). Bisabolol has been included in cosmetics for hundreds of years due to its perceived skin healing properties. It is known… Read more »