Retinaldehyde (Retinal): Your Skin Will Love It!

You already know that I love, love retinoids for skin so I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear about retinaldehyde (also known as retinal), a gentle and effective alternative to more commonly used retinoids like retinol and retinoic acid.

We’ve written about retinoids extensively before. Derivatives of Vitamin A, they are essential to any anti-aging skin care regimen. In addition to boosting collagen production (think smoother, firmer skin), reversing sun damage and hyperpigmentation, increasing skin cell turnover and increasing the moisture content of skin, retinoids are also useful in the management of acne. Backed with an abundance of evidence to support their use, retinoids do come with some downsides. In particular, they are sensitive to light, which can break them down and render them ineffective. This makes it important to choose products that are formulated and packaged appropriately. And, because they are so effective, they can be irritating. That’s where retinaldehyde comes in.

Retinaldehyde is the direct precursor to retinoic acid (the form of Vitamin A used directly by the body). Yet, it is also the least irritating retinoid – less irritating than retinol and less irritating than retinoic acid. So, individuals previously unable to tolerate retinoids (those with sensitive skin) are more likely to be able to incorporate it into their daily routine without problem. New technology has also allowed for retinal to be stabilized thereby ensuring its efficacy.

Where can you find retinal? Try it in new Apothekari A Is For Anti-Aging Serum. Formulated with stabilized retinaldehyde (as patent pending IconicA), A Is For Anti-Aging provides the ultimate in wrinkle reduction and aging prevention. Beyond the benefits of retinal, it is enhanced with UVA protecting, exfoliating, anti-inflammatory, skin brightening and antioxidant benefits. This is one treatment that belongs on your counter!

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