Month: November 2013

A is For Anti-Aging: New Clinicals Just In!

When we introduced A is for Anti-Aging, we knew we’d come up with something special. Formulated with a patent pending stabilized retinaldehyde (IconicA) – the immediate precursor to retinoic acid, it promotes collagen production leading to firmer skin. Beyond that however, retinaldehyde is far less irritating to skin than retinol or retinoic acid so all… Read more on Apothekari »

7 Signs of Aging Skin

Whether you’re in your 20’s, 50’s or somewhere in between, aging skin is caused by changes in the deeper layers of the skin resulting from UV damage, collagen loss, less active sebaceous glands and a decrease in skin cell turnover.  These are the 7 signs generally accepted: 1. Fine lines and wrinkles 2. Uneven skin… Read more »