On Valentine’s Day: An Ode To Kissing

lips-300x201This Valentine’s Day, don’t hesitate to shower your favorite squeeze with kisses. More than the fact that you might, umm, enjoy it, turns out kissing has health benefits too….

A recent article lists the top 10 health benefits of kissing, which include:

1. Helps keep the facial muscles toned. A kiss involves 34 facial muscles (30 if you don’t speak French) and often 112 postural muscles in the rest of the body.

2. Those who kiss their partner goodbye each morning live five years longer than those who don’t. Those who forget completely may not live past supper.

3. Leads to cold-resistant offspring. Women tend to be attracted to men with a different immune system makeup from their own. They subconsciously detect information about a partner’s immune system through smell during kissing, and can reject a potential mate based on one kiss. And here I just thought it was the garlic and pickled eggs. I feel better.

Want to know the 7 other health benefits? Read the rest of the article. And, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Melissa Mellie

WOO.. Amazing!Don’t be believe that kissing has benefits to health.Hey, I read your rest of articles and find some useful stuff.Thanks for sharing such type informative articles.


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