Month: July 2014

Exfoliating the Scalp

We know the importance of exfoliating the face and the body, but one area that is generally neglected is the scalp.  It should come as no surprise that the scalp occasionally needs a bit of attention as well, but how often does that thought occur to us? As with any other part of the body… Read more »


A bunion is one of the most common deformities of the foot, involving the big toe joint and resulting in a large and sometimes painful bump at the side of the foot by the big toe base.   Although most people consider bunions to be a genetic condition seen mostly in older adults, the development and… Read more »

Retinoid Myths – Busted

Like the celebrated actress in the latest Hollywood blockbuster, retinoids are stars when it comes to the anti-aging skin care world.  And just like the most talked about celebrity, there’s no shortage of information (and misinformation) about this vitamin A derivative. If you’ve been considering adding a retinoid to your daily routine, we’re here to… Read more »