Month: February 2015

AHA-Mazing Clean: Our New Triple Exfoliating Cleanser is Here!

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of new Apothekari AHA-Mazing Clean. Formulated with 3 exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) PLUS sugar cane extract, AHA-Mazing Clean is an elegant pearly cleanser intended for all skin types, including aging skin. Ideal for everyday use, it has been designed to improve the skin’s overall appearance. All four major… Read more »

How to Protect Your Skin from Pollution

Although many environmental factors including UV exposure, temperature, humidity, water quality, indoor heating and air conditioning can affect the skin, one factor that seems to be creating a buzz is pollution. Our skin is assaulted daily by visible pollution such as smog, car exhaust, and smoke.  We’re also bombarded by particulate matter too small to… Read more »

Chocolate: Healthy Treat or Guilty Pleasure?

February means Valentine’s Day, and what says love better than chocolate?  We hardly need an excuse to indulge, but when headlines repeatedly tell us about chocolate’s health benefits, sales understandably go up.  Even though a 2013 study put those findings into question, suggesting that the health benefits of chocolate had been overstated, it certainly didn’t… Read more »