Month: April 2015


Anti-aging Chocolate: Dream Come True?

If you’ve ever wished that eating chocolate would make you younger, brace yourself: your dreams may have just come true.  A UK-based company is in the midst of launching an anti-aging chocolate which combines the benefits of astaxanthin, a marine-sourced antioxidant, and the flavonol-rich properties of cocoa beans.  Is this a dream come true or… Read more »

Happy Skin

What is Bioavailability and How Does it Affect Skin Care?

As cosmetic companies continue to make advances in skin care, consumers are hearing more about bioavailability, a term that we may not be familiar with but can have a profound impact on the effectiveness of our skin care. What is bioavailability?  According to a popular medical dictionary, bioavailability is “the degree to which a drug… Read more »