Month: May 2015

New: Cliniderm HydraComfort Serum & Cliniderm Eye Contour Cream

New Cliniderm HydraComfort Hydrating Serum & Cliniderm Eye Contour Cream are designed for sensitive, allergic or reactive skin. Skin is more prone to dehydration in winter months but can be problematic all year round.  Dehydrated skin typically feels tight and rough with minor to severe flaking, redness and cracks.  Triggers are commonly exposure to the sun,… Read more »

DIY Natural Skin Care

In the past, we’ve talked about feeding the skin, so this is where we put it to the test with some DIY natural skin care.  Whether you’ve unexpectedly run out of your favorite product or simply curious to try something new, do-it-yourself skin care is as close as your kitchen.  And frankly, if it’s something… Read more »

Melanoma Monday 2015

May 4th is Melanoma Monday, designated by the American Academy of Dermatology to raise awareness about melanoma and other skin cancers and to promote early detection by educating the public on how to perform self-examinations for malignant moles and skin growths. The ABC’s of early detection have been key to prevention and successful treatment of melanoma,… Read more »