Month: June 2015

Gynatrof Moisturizing Vaginal Lubricant Gel: New!

Gynatrof Gel is a non-hormonal option for the treatment of vaginal atrophy. Up to 75% of postmenopausal women experience the symptoms of vaginal atrophy yet only 1 in 4 women with symptoms seek medical help. Vaginal atrophy is a chronic condition accompanied by a range of uncomfortable symptoms – dryness, burning, itching, discomfort during sex. … Read more »

Sun Safety Apps

Would a sun safety app on your phone make you more likely to check your moles or reapply sunscreen every two hours?  Developers and the medical community are certainly hoping they will.  With the pervasiveness of technology in our everyday lives, it’s not surprising that the battle against skin cancer would take advantage of our… Read more »