Epilyt Lotion For Dry Skin


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Epilyt lotion is a topical treatment indicated for the management of dry skin. Formulated with a range of skin beneficial ingredients including an humectant, alpha hydroxy acid and emollients, Epilyt is suitable for all skin types including those that are sensitive to many other topical treatments. It makes an excellent all over body moisturizer.

Epilyt is colorless, non-greasy and contains a concentrated formula of:

  • Lactic acid. An alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) found in fermented milk, lactic acid is used widely used in skin care as a topical exfoliant. It works to help the shedding of dead, dry skin cells that sit on the skin’s surface leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. Because lactic acid has a larger molecule size than other commonly used AHAs (glycolic acid for example), it is gentle acting. Its exfoliant action assists with the penetration of other skin care ingredients in the Epilyt formulation
  • Propylene glycol. A humectant ingredient, it helps to attract moisture. As well, propylene glycol aids with the penetration of other active ingredients in the formulation
  • Glycerin. Another humectant (moisture attracting) ingredient, glycerin is found naturally in skin. It helps to prevent skin dryness and scaling and strengthens the skin’s barrier system. It also aids with penetration of skin beneficial ingredients
  • Oleic Acid. A fatty acid that is used to thicken formulations. It also has emollient (moisturizing) properties.

Soothing to rough, scaly skin, Epilyt Lotion can also be used in the management of eczema. Use it in conjunction with self treatment measures that include:

  • Cool baths
  • Gentle cleansing
  • Humidifiers
  • Elimination of problematic fibers, topical ingredients or other potential allergens.

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