Ultraquin Creams

 ultraquin-top.jpg Ultraquin Creams are a range of creams designed to lighten skin. They are formulated with hydroquinone 4% and used effectively to treat hyperpigmentation (skin discoloration) such as freckles and melasma. Ultraquin Creams are available without a prescription in Canada.

Hydroquinone is a skin bleaching agent that works by gradually lightening the skin. Hyperpigmentation can be caused by many different things including sun exposure, hormones and individual susceptibility. You can minimize your risk of developing hyperpigmentation by avoiding the sun and wearing a high SPF UVA/UVB blocking sunscreen.

Ultraquin Creams are available in 3 formulations to suit a range of skin types:

  • Ultraquin Plain Cream – Non-greasy, fragrance free s ideal for normal/combination skin types
  • Ultraquin Cream With Sunblock – This non-greasy, fragrance free is ideal for normal/combination skin types. It contains a sunblock
    making it useful for daytime use
  • Ultraquin Gel With Sunblock – Non-greasy and fragrance free, this gel formulation is ideal for oily skin types. It contains
    sunscreen, helping to protect skin from the pigmenting effect associated with sun exposure.

All Ultraquin Creams contain 4% hydroquinone, the highest concentration allowed in Canada without a prescription. You may combine these creams with other preparations to achieve better results. Alpha hydroxy acids as found in M2 HP Skin Refinish help to remove existing pigmentation and may enhance the penetration of hydroquinone. Retinoids, as found in Green Cream, may also help to remove existing pigmentation and increase skin cell turnover, which leads to the development of new and healthy skin.

Ultraquin Creams should be applied twice daily in the morning and at bedtime. If you are using Ultraquin Plain, it is important to apply a sunscreen to prevent hyperpigmentation from occuring. Read all package directions carefully to ensure that you achieve the best results possible with the least amount of side effects.