Month: April 2016

Biotin for Healthy Skin

Everyone knows that having healthy skin at any stage in life takes more than just luck. A combination of daily maintenance like cleansing and moisturizing, topical treatments like retinoids, antioxidants and sunscreen, and positive lifestyle choices all contribute to achieving the skin you want. You may want to consider adding biotin supplements as part of… Read more »

How To Protect Your Skin Against Pollution

Daily living involves many assaults upon your skin and while we tend to focus a lot on sun protection, other factors, like pollution, are also at play. Researchers are increasingly paying attention to pollution and how long-term exposure to pollution plays a major role in premature signs of aging. Pollution is a global danger and… Read more »

Hyperhidrosis? Don’t Sweat It!

With over 4 million sweat glands covering the average body, it’s no wonder we sweat. In most cases, sweating is healthy, designed to help regulate our body’s temperature. Hyperhidrosis though, refers to a condition where sweating becomes uncontrollable. Hyperhidrosis may be triggered by a number of factors including warm temperatures, exercise, nervousness, fear or embarrassment…. Read more »