Month: November 2017

Refresh Endura Eye Drops

Refresh Endura for Dry Eyes

You may have heard about Refresh Endura, lubricating eye drops which are used in managing the symptoms of dry eyes. If you suffer with dry eyes, you’ll know how frustrating the condition may be. Often accompanied by a stinging sensation , you can experience slightly blurred vision. The reasons behind dry eyes can be varied:… Read more »

Synthetic vs Natural Ingredients in Skin Care : 5 Things You Should Know

With a growing awareness and interest in healthy living (open to interpretation, yes!), it’s not surprising that many of you may be concerned by the use of synthetic ingredients in your cosmetics. I’m often asked if Apothekari is ‘natural’ and while we could certainly describe ourselves as a natural skin care line, it feels a… Read more on Apothekari »

Apothekari Sugar Body Polish – Two New Scents

Two new glorious scents of Apothekari Sugar Body Polish have just arrived!  We’re so excited for you to try our newest additions to the Apothekari collection.  Our Lemon Verbena Sugar Body Polish has a bright, aromatic citrus scent that’s ideal for aromatherapeutic body treatments.  Our Vanilla Rose Sugar Body Polish boasts a modern and subtle… Read more »

Winter Hair Care: 7 Tips

When winter hits, our hair care needs change just as they do for the skin on our face and body. The freezing temperatures outside and the drying heat inside can deplete moisture and leave your strands parched and uncontrollable. Naturally, there are steps we can take to fight the flyaways and the high-static hair: Use… Read more »

Be Beautiful Apothekari Nathalie

November’s Be Beautiful Apothekari : Nathalie

NOVEMBER’S Be Beautiful Apothekari: Nathalie My “Be Beautiful”: Being beautiful is knowing who you are. Nathalie, 47, Wife, Mother, Design Connoisseur, Realtor with Heart. “The Bamboo Lemongrass scrub is heaven in a jar! It feels velvety soft to the touch and lathers quite beautifully. I have smooth new born skin every time I exfoliate my body with… Read more on Apothekari »