Spring Trends for 2017

Spring has officially arrived and with it comes all the trends that help us leave winter’s dreariness behind for the new season’s light and warmth.

Truthfully, most seasonal trends aren’t usually interesting enough to make me even consider abandoning my tried-and-true routine, but this year’s spring offerings seem to be right up my alley. Not only are the makeup, skincare and fashion trends doable but they also make it easy to either incorporate them subtly or embrace them fully, no holds barred.



Here are my favorite spring trends that I will definitely be trying this season:

Makeup: Goodbye contouring, hello glowing skin. Highlighting is all the rage this spring. Catch the light here and there, along the brow bone or upper cheek bones with liquid or powder highlighters or let loose with all-over “glowtions” that contain light-reflecting pigments for iridescent overdrive. Two-toned lipsticks are also a fun way to create dimension this season.

Skincare: Gel-cream hybrids are also starting to become more popular as the weather gets warmer. Packed full of active ingredients in a light texture that’s quick to absorb, look for these “bouncy” products in Korean pressed serums and body moisturizing treatments. Also be prepared to see more skincare boosters in stores for a bit of DIY customizing. Small, concentrated containers of antioxidants, hydrators and even color tints allow you to amp up your daily moisturizer with just a few drops.

Fashion: Stripes are everywhere this spring. Whether it be the sedate banker type or as colorful as a holiday by the seaside, it’s easy to add a bit of this trend to your basic wardrobe. Bold and bright or classic and understated, there are no rules for this most wearable style.

I have a feeling I will love these enough to carry them into summer as well.

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