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Anthelios S SPF 30 with mexoryl sxDISCONTINUED (75 ml/2.5 oz)

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Anthelios S SPF 30 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Try new Anthelios XL SPF 30 Lightweight Lotion, which has been formulated to contain Mexoryl technology along with other effective sun filters.

La Roche Posay’s Anthelios is unique sunblock product containing mexoryl sx combined with other active sunblock ingredients. Anthelios S with mexoryl sx (ecamsule), a new patented sun filter that has unequalled protection from UVA rays (those responsible for premature aging, wrinkles and some cancers) plus the best ingredients to repel UVB rays. Compared to other sunblocks available, it is extremely stable in sunlight so you won’t have to worry about its efficacy over time. Anthelios also contains avobenzone (Parsol 1789) and titanium dioxide resulting in a product with maximum sun protection. Anthelios is also available in spf 45 and 60 formulations.

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Q: What is the difference between Mexoryl SX and Mexoryl XL?
A: Mexoryl SX is a water soluble form suitable for day wear sunscreen formulations. Mexoryl XL is an oil soluble form which makes it more water resistant and suitable for in physical activities . Both offer effective protection against both UVA and UVB rays. When combined together, the ingredients Mexoryl XL and SX (as in our newest Anthelios product the Anthelios XL spf 60) produce formulations that offer very high spf protection.

If you are looking for a good facial moisturizer with sunscreen, we recommend La Roche Posay’s Hydraphase UV SPF 30, this product also contains mexoryl sx, but feels lighter on the skin.

We’ve packaged the Anthelios Ultimate Selection Package which will allow you to try products from the whole range of the Anthelios sun care line. A free Ombrelle spf 30 lip balm is our gift to you with the purchase of this package.

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Active Ingredients – enzacamene: 5%, titanium dioxide 4%, avobenzone (parsol 1789) 2%, terephthalylidene dicamphor sulfonic acid (mexoryl SX) 2%

Other Ingredients – aqua, C12-15 alkyl benzoate, isocetyl stearate, cyclohexasiloxane, propylene glycol, cetyl dimethicone copolyol, cyclopetalisoxane, triethanolamine, aliuminum starch octenylsuccinate, butylparaben, capryloyl clycine, dimethiconol, disodium edta, ethylparaben, methylparaben, polyglyceryl-4 isostearate, propylparaben, parfum


For external use only. If skin irritation develops discontinue use


Anthelios S: Its oil based formula makes it highly resistant to water and sweat. Question: What is the difference between Anthelios XL and S? Answer: The Anthelios XL products are not available or approved by Health Canada. Anthelios XL contains Mexoryl XL and the Anthelios S contains Mexoryl SX. Mexoryl SX: A synthesized and patented molecule. A photostable UVA sun filter. Its protective efficacy is maintained over time because this molecule hardly degrades at all in the face of the action of solar energy. Mexoryl XL: A synthesized and patented molecule capable of filtering both UVAs around 350 nm and UVBs around 300 nm. It is also photostable.


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