Bonore Feather Earrings

Bonöre Feather Earrings

$20.00 CAD

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Bonöre Feather Earrings are handmade out of recycled bicycle tires, bound with gold plated fixings by local Ngöbe women of Bocas del Toro, Panama, in collaboration with Bonöre Rainforest Couture. Each piece is made by hand so no two pieces are alike.

The Bonöre Foundation (Bonöre means ‘beautiful’ in the Negöbere language) was established in 2013 to provide the Ngöbe women of Bocas del Toro, Panama with gainful employment, the chance to develop new skills and the opportunity to maintain cultural traditions. This is achieved by developing self governing cooperatives, making and selling jewelry and textiles using traditional techniques and recycled materials.

We are excited to be able to support the Foundation in its mission to empower the Ngobe women of Bocas del Toro!

“We believe that the power for change does not have to be considered huge to be valid, even changing attitudes and teaching skills to one person who can then positively affect their own life is a true triumph in our eyes.” ~ Bonöre Foundation