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La Roche Posay Substiane Anti-Aging Cream D/C (40 ml /1.35 oz)

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La Roche Posay Product of the Year, after seven years of research.

This anti-aging cream was developed for mature women who experience substantially dry skin, a loss of skin firmness and skin elasticity.

It contains Pro-Xylane, a state of the art anti aging molecule that is derived from Eastern European beech trees.

La Roche Posay has identified one of the reasons for skin aging and that is the breakdown of the skin’s extra cellular matix (the gel like network of proteins and sugars that act as a scaffold and shock absorber between cells). The extra cellular matrix ensures that our tissues, such as our skin, maintain their shape, but also provide support for movement and communication – guiding vital replenishing molecules, such as growth proteins, to our cells.

As we age, our extra cellular matrix loses its ‘bounce’. It thins and communication slows. The cells deteriorate and can’t produce many of our skin’s support proteins such as collagen. Skin becomes thinner, less firm, wrinkled. In addition, the communication network in older skin breaks down. Cells may stop making a little bit of something, and that little bit of something stops making the cell make something else, so that drops off; and then some more drops off, and soon you have a cell that has lost a considerable part of its function.

Pro Xylane is meant to stimulate the communication ability in older cells to replicate that of younger cells. It is thought to work by entering the skin and prompting the production of skin support structures such as proteoglycans. These molecules, found in the extra cellular matrix, absorb water, making the matrix more gel-like, thereby increasing the firmness of the cells and hence the skin.

Around the age of 50, proteoglycans rapidly deteriorate as a result of hormonal changes and sun damage. By rebuilding the matrix, it helps to open up the pathways between the cells, improve communication and the transportation of nutrients and growth factors, helping to revitalize them. 

Lab tests and clinical trials in humans reveal improvements – in the relationship between the matrix and the cells, skin density and firmness, as well as in the production of skin support fibres such as collagen. In French clinical studies 50 woman aged between 55-75 experienced skin looking more toned and feeling firmer. Wrinkles appeared smoother and fewer in number in a period of 1 month.  

Substiane is a daily skin care regimen that combats cutaneous sagging, loss of structure, and dryness in mature skin. It can be used alone or as a complement to other antiaging treatments.


Apply once to twice daily to face and neck.


Particularly suitable for mature skin that has lost elasticity and is showing visible signs of aging.


Dimethicone =4%, Palmitic acid =0%, Peg-100 stearate =0%, Glyceryl stearate =0%, Propylene glycol =4%, Peg-20 stearate =0%, Bis-peg-18 methyl ether dimethyl silane =0%, Stearyl alcohol =3%, Glycine soja / soybean oil =0%, Dimethiconol =0%, Sodium hydroxide =0.1%, Arginine pca =0%, Serine =0%, Disodium edta =0%, Polysorbate 80 =0%, Myristic acid =0%, Acrylamide/sodium acryloyldimethyltaurate copolymer =0%, Tocopherol =0%,  Peg-4 =0%, Peg-4 dilaurate =0%, Peg-4 laurate =0%, Sorbitan oleate =0%, Citric acid =1%, Capryl glycol / caprylyl glycol =2%, Methylparaben =0%, Butylparaben =0.3%, Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate =0.1%, Parfum / fragrance =0% 


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