Neostrata Acne Clarifying Solution

Neostrata Acne Clarifying Solution (100 ml/3.4 oz)

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Neostrata Acne Clarifying Solution (100 ml/3.4 oz) replaces Neostrata Acne Clear Clarifying Solution (200 ml/6.8 oz)

NeoStrata Acne Clarifying Solution (100 ml/3.4 oz) is an acne and intensive anti-aging treatment.


  • Treatment of acne: Dries and helps clear acne pimples and allows skin to heal
  • Helps prevent new acne blemishes from forming.

Ideal for: Oily Skin

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Clean the skin thoroughly before applying medication.
Using a cotton pad, cover the affected area with a thin layer 1 to 3 times daily, avoiding eye area
Start with 1 application daily, then gradually increase to 2 to 3 times daily if needed
If bothersome peeling or dryness occurs, reduce applications to once a day or every other day
Wash hands after applying
Replace cap tightly immediately after use
For New Users: Apply product sparingly to 1 or 2 small affected areas for approximately 3 days. If no discomfort occurs, follow directions above.


Active ingredient: Salicylic Acid 2%(w/w) Purpose / Utilité: Acne Treatment / Traitement de l’acné

Non-active ingredients: Alcohol Denat., Diisopropyl Adipate, Cyclopentasiloxane, Propylene Glycol, Triethyl Citrate, Cyclohexasiloxane, Citric Acid, L-Tartaric Acid, BHT


Neostrata’s high strength skincare formulations may require a short acclimation period to allow your skin to adjust. When bundling more than one product, add additional products gradually to your regimen as tolerated.

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