Refresh Endura Eye Drops

Refresh Endura Eye Drops Lubricating (20 x 0.4 ml)

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Refresh Endura Eye Drops provides excellent lubricating action and prolonged retention on your eye — giving you long-lasting protection from the dry, burning, scratchy sensations associated with dry eye irritation.

Just as important, to avoid the use of potentially irritating preserving agents that are foreign to your natural tears, Refresh Endura comes in preservative-free, air-tight containers. You can, therefore, apply it without the risk of preservative-induced irritation.

Each box contains 20 Sterile Single-Use Containers x 0.4 mL per container. Perfect for carrying around with you.


Medicinal Ingredients: Carbomer 1342, Castor oil, Glycerine, Mannitol, Polysorbate 80, Sodium Hydroxide to adjust the pH, Purified Water

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