Skincare is Self Care This Month

Skincare is self-care and this month we’re hoping you’ll give your skin some extra love. February is the month of passion and we want to get you fired up about putting skincare at the top of your list.

Skincare is Self Care – Make it a Ritual

Your skincare routine should be something you enjoy so choose products that deliver mind, body and beauty benefits. A set routine means you know what to expect and this can be a relief, because the more something becomes a routine, the less stressful it becomes. When you perform a skincare routine, you’re usually alone, in your bathroom or somewhere quiet, which can feel slightly meditative. Dedicating time to look after your skin not only helps you look better, but it sends a message that you’re important. Here are some tips to elevate your skincare practice:

Embracing self-care doesn’t mean that you have to splurge on expensive skin care products or devices. The real benefit comes from taking that “me” time.

7 Science Backed Self Care Ideas For You to Embrace

It’s easy to ignore self care but it’s so necessary to your overall wellness. If you’re like most women, you probably aren’t doing enough of it. Self care helps you to sharpen both your mental and physical health and is an important practice in an increasingly overstimulating and noisy world.

Here are some ideas to help incorporate self care into your schedule – do what you can manage and feels best for you:

  1. Get Outside. Being outdoors has been shown to be meditative and it’s also a great way to sneak in some exercise.
  2. Pay it Forward. Help others; give time or money; pay a compliment. Making others happy also makes you happy.
  3. Stress Less. We all know that stress is REALLY bad your health. While we can’t make it go away, it’s important to use strategies that will help you to manage it. From taking a tea break to some alone time, find ways to help you relax.
  4. Be Mindful. Focus on the present, without worrying about what happened yesterday or the tomorrow you can’t control.
  5. Dance. Not only does dancing burn calories, it also can help put you in a good mood.
  6. Eat More Fruits and Veggies. Loaded with antioxidants, micronutrients and fibre, these colorful foods are essential to good health.
  7. Get Enough Zzz’s. Prioritize sleep, even if it’s just a quick cat nap. Beyond a grumpy you, studies have shown that insufficient sleep increases a person’s risk of developing serious medical conditions, including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

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