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PhaMix.com – Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is such a lovely time of year – flowers are blooming in all their vibrant colors, the sun is starting to come out from hiding, birds are chirping and more people are out walking, with happy smiles on their faces. There’s freshness in the air! 

For some of us, spring temperatures are still on the cool side and the humidity is still low. When it comes to our skin, a gentle facial cleanser may be the most suitable this time of year. We love Apothekari’s Cloud Nine Foaming Cleansing Crème. Check out our blog post: A Gentle Facial Cleanser for Spring, to learn more about cleansers and how to make the best choice for your skin. Don’t forget about your eyes this season, they are the windows to your soul after all! If you’re concerned about crow’s feet, dark circles or puffiness, click here to see a selection of eye products available to meet your needs.

Although springtime sun isn’t normally as intense as it is during summer months, practicing sun safety is still a must. Be sure to apply sunscreen daily and year-round. We offer a wide selection of broad-spectrum sunscreens suitable for all ages and all skin types, including Anthelios, Avène, Ombrelle and Apothekari Shade SPF 30. Click here to view the full selection of sunscreen products available. For more information on why you still need to wear sunscreen in the Spring, read our blog post: Spring Equinox, Springtime Sun & 10 Things About Sun and Sunscreen.

Happy Spring everyone!