If you’ve been looking for a natural deodorant that TRULY works, we share your pain! After years of trying just about every brand out there–with very bad results–we are thrilled to offer Apothekari’s natural deodorants.

Formulated by a pharmacist, Apothekari deodorants deliver long-lasting, odor free bliss. The convenient spray formulation can be used to manage body odor anywhere that bad smells occur.

Try it on your pits, feet and even down there. Join us as we take the funky town of natural deodorant and put a sweet smelling party back under your arms and everywhere else.

Made with a triple odor protection formula, these deodorants contain probiotics, acids and odor neutralizing enzymes. They’re pH friendly and also made with skin soothing ingredients including caffeine and allantoin. What’s inside is just as important as what is left out of these natural deodorants, which are free from parabens, aluminum and baking soda. Shop them all now.