Phloretin: What Can It Do For Skin?

Phloretin is a novel ingredient derived from apples and the bark of apple trees. Several clinical studies have shown that it acts as an antioxidant, hence its inclusion in a range of skin care treatments. Will it help your skin?

When applied topically, research has shown that phloretin not only has antioxdiant ability, but it also can interrupt melanin synthesis to potentially reduce skin discolorations. It inhibits the formation of MMP-1 (matrix metallo-proteins). Inhibiting the formation of MMPs helps protect the fibroblasts that generate collagen in the skin’s support structure. Lastly, it is a penetration enhancer, which means that it aids in the delivery of other skin beneficial ingredients beneath the skin’s uppermost layers.

Antioxidants like phloretin are a must-have in any anti-aging skin care regimen. They not only help protect skin from free radical damage that ages, but also help to boost the protection afforded by your sunscreen when applied during the day. You may be interested in trying new apothekari Antioxidant Phloretin + C Serum. Formulated with a high concentration of phloretin, it also contains L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C 10%), ferulic acid 0.5% and hyaluronic acid. Designed to protect skin against damage, this light, easily absorbed serum can also help to lighten skin discolorations. It’s ideal for combination to oily skin types.