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4 Tips To Caring For Dry Skin

Dry skin can feel uncomfortable, often itching and flaking. Millions of people cope with excessive dryness, which can be exacerbated by harsh cleansers, low humidity, UV exposure and even some medications. When skin is dry, a damaged skin barrier is usually involved. This results in the inability of skin to retain moisture and prevent its… Read more »

How To Treat And Eliminate Blackheads

While blackheads might initially give the appearance of dirty skin, they’re actually the result of trapped sebum that has undergone an oxidation process within your pores. Under normal circumstances, your body produces sebum which exits your pores and coats your skin. Its production is controlled by your body’s hormones. Occasionally, those hormones can produce excess… Read more »

Does Oxygen Skin Care Work?

Skin care product manufacturers have discovered a new way to lure the public to buy their solutions. They advertise their products as having the ability to “oxygenate” the skin. These products supposedly contain oxygen molecules that are absorbed into the skin and delivered to those areas that need oxygen the most. By delivering this oxygen… Read more »

What Does Non-Comedogenic Mean?

You may have noticed the label “non-comedogenic” attached to certain skin care products. The truth is that the term non-comedogenic is a marketing term that can be applied to any product. Let’s look at this phrase and see if it’s an important factor in deciding whether or not to purchase a skin care product. Are Non-Comedogenic… Read more »

Estrogen for Healthy Skin?

It’s well known that the hormone estrogen is essential to a woman’s wellbeing. In addition to helping to maintain cardiovascular and bone health, estrogen plays an important role in maintaining healthy skin. Estrogen receptors are located throughout the body, including the face, where it helps to maintain skin’s thickness and ability to retain moisture. As… Read more »

ABC of Skin Cancer and Mole Detection

Moles typically manifest by the time a person reaches their early twenties and in most instances, there’s usually nothing to worry about. Moles are merely pigment cells (called melanocytes) that develop under the dermis and grow together in clusters. When these cells are exposed to sunlight, they tend to darken. That being said, you should… Read more »

What Does "Dermatologist Skin Care" Mean?

The skin care products and services industry is responsible for billions of dollars in sales each year. New cosmetics are continuously launched and introduced to the public. Many of these products contain effective ingredients that can help your skin. Other products and services are less effective, but they’re marketed aggressively. The phrase “dermatologist skin care”… Read more »