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Can A Skin Care Product Repair Your DNA?

The skin care industry is massive. And while there are truly effective products containing ingredients that can make a difference to your skin, there are others that probably aren’t worth wasting your time on. Because the cosmetics industry is largely unregulated, you’ll find that some cosmetics manufacturers will make unsupported claims. Recently, some manufacturers have… Read more »

Do Sunscreens Cause Cancer?

Over the past few years, you may have read reports on the internet and from other sources that sunscreen use can increase the risk of skin cancer. There are some ‘conspiracy’ theories as to how this assumption arose, one including a rumor perpetuated by tanning bed manufacturers to assure people that tanning beds are safe…. Read more »

Are Parabens Safe in Skin Care Products?

For those of you not familiar with parabens, they’re preservatives which help prevent the spread of fungus and bacteria. Cosmetics companies have been including parabens in products such as makeup, shaving gels, shampoos, moisturizers and dozens of other products for many years. Parabens are also included in various types of foods to ensure their safety for… Read more »

Active Ingredients in Skin Care Products

There’s a lot of buzz in the skin care industry these days about ‘topical actives’. And while some companies try to sensationalize the idea of a topical active, from a pharmaceutical perspective, active ingredients (topical or otherwise) are simply the ones that deliver some sort of pharmacological effect to skin. When related to skin care… Read more »