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Neostrata Youth Factor GF Total Regenerating Eye Contour Cream: New!

Neostrata Youth Factor GF Total Regenerating Eye Contour Cream is a new treatment from Neostrata, a company that has always striven to introduce novel treatments utilizing cutting edge technology. This is something that many of our customers recognize and value, which is why we’re so excited that it is expanding their Youth Factor GF line. … Read more »


Is It Time to Toss Your Cosmetics and Medicines?

If you’re like most women I know, you’ve probably amassed quite a collection of cosmetics and medicines. Various tubes of lipstick, half-used eye-shadow packs still with their original tiny brushes, foundation in different shades depending on the season, tiny sample bottles of body lotion from hotels. Not to mention, that unfinished bottle of antibiotics, the… Read more »

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Spring Trends for 2017

Spring has officially arrived and with it comes all the trends that help us leave winter’s dreariness behind for the new season’s light and warmth. Truthfully, most seasonal trends aren’t usually interesting enough to make me even consider abandoning my tried-and-true routine, but this year’s spring offerings seem to be right up my alley. Not… Read more »