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DMAE – Facelift in a Jar?

If you’re a regular student of anti-aging skin care 101, you’ll be familiar with the topical ingredient DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol). A naturally occurring substance that facilitates the synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, DMAE is often touted as “a facelift in a jar.” A recently published study showed that DMAE possessed a tightening action on the skin… Read more »

About Ombrelle sunscreens

The Ombrelle line of sunscreens was introduced to Canada in 1990 with the assistance of Canadian dermatologists. Ombrelle’s products are recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA) and is the brand most recommended by healthcare professionals. It was the first brand to recognize the necessity of protection not only against UVB rays, but UVA rays… Read more »

Is Anthelios Really the Best Sunscreen in the World?

Is Anthelios the best sunscreen in the world? your dermatologist, the media and various internet sources go on about how wonderful Anthelios, the French sunscreen made by La Roche Posay is. Yet with so many sunscreens on the market vying for your hard earned dollars, really is Anthelios the best sunscreen and does it deserve… Read more »

Neostrata Skin Brightener Serum - Vitamin C 20%

Neostrata Skin Brightener – A Review

Neostrata Skin Brightener  with 20% Vitamin C is a workhorse skin care ingredient and because of this, one of my absolute favorite skin care products. When formulated to maintain its stability, studies have shown that topical application of Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) has considerable benefits on skin including: Protection against free radical damage associated with sun exposure (UV… Read more »

Hydraphase UV SPF 30 ingredients in Canada vs. US

Question: What’s the difference between Hydraphase UV SPF 30 from the US and from Canada? Answer: La Roche Posay markets Hydraphase UV SPF 30 in both Canada and the US. But what you get are two very different formulations depending on where you purchase it. In the US, Hydraphase UV SPF 30 is a moisturizer plus SPF… Read more »

Redermic vs. Active C – What's the difference?

La Roche Posay, a dermatologist recommended skin care line, markets two product lines containing topical Vitamin C. And you’ve possibly already read a lot about the benefits of topical Vitamin C which include: an increase the synthesis of collagen – which helps to thicken the skin a reduction in skin damage caused by free radicals… Read more »