La Roche Posay Active C – What I'm loving now

After a certain age, skin tends to lose some of its youthful radiance. Throw in the juggling effects of work, family and trying to look fabulous (well, we try don’t we?) and it will start to show. 

Right now, my skincare routine includes La Roche Posay’s Active C. Packed with 5% active Vitamin C, it’s just what I need to inject some much needed glow back to my skin. In addition to strengthening collagen fibers, topical Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant (so it’s fighting free radicals associated with UV radiation). It also reduces hyperpigmentation and reduces water loss from the skin, something that my dry cheeks are appreciating.  There’s also an eye formulation – Active C Eyes .

I’m applying Active C every morning just prior to my Hydraphase UV.