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Hydroderm: A Review

I often discuss over hyped skin care products and “too good to be true” manufacturer claims in this blog, so it’s not surprising that a new skin care product, Hydroderm, would catch my attention. While magazines, television and your local drugstore are a good source for these miracles in a jar, nothing can beat the… Read more »

Can Tea Tree Oil Eliminate Acne?

If you have oily skin, you’ve probably dealt with acne at some point in your life. In fact, many people cope with periodic outbreaks well into adulthood. Several ingredients are used in the management of acne, including salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, tretinoin, and isotretinoin. Along with their benefits, each can come with some side effects…. Read more »

Toners – Why You Need One

There is an ongoing debate regarding whether the use of toners is necessary for keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy. In truth, a lot of people misunderstand the benefits that toners provide. They’re commonly confused with cleansers and similar products that are supposed to remove excess residue from your skin. Today, I’ll describe the… Read more »

Is Idebenone an Effective Antioxidant?

There’s been a surge of interest in an artificial antioxidant called idebenone. It’s a derivative of a natural antioxidant called Coenzyme Q10 (also known as ubiquinone) which is produced within the body. As interest in idebenone has increased, cosmetic manufacturers have begun to include the ingredient within their products. But, does idebenone actually work to… Read more »

What Are Dermal Fillers?

*photo The formation of fine lines and wrinkles is part of the skin’s natural aging process. The older we become, the more pronounced these lines and wrinkles are. This is due to the breakdown of collagen fibers and the loss of elastin as we grow older. However, the problem can be worsened by sun… Read more »

Green Cream – Retinol Skin Care

Most of us understand the importance of combining a range of effective ingredients in our skin care regimen to deliver optimal results for beautiful and healthy skin. In addition to antioxidants – Vitamins C and E – alpha and beta hydroxy acids, gentle cleansers, non-greasy moisturizers and effective sunscreens, retinoids are another ingredient to consider… Read more »

How To Determine Your Skin Type

Without knowing your skin type, it’s difficult to know which skin care products will provide the most benefit. In fact, you may be using products that can aggravate your skin. For example, if you have naturally oily skin, some moisturizers may clog your pores and cause trapped sebum to oxidize, creating blackheads. On the other… Read more »

Topical Progesterone and Skin Care

You may already be aware of the role that your hormones play both in the way you look and feel. Many studies have shown that estrogen, an important hormone produced by the ovaries, contributes to thicker, healthier skin. Research however, has also shown that taking estrogen orally may have negative health impacts, including an increased… Read more »