Cell phone radiation linked to protein changes?

As if we haven’t already been bombarded enough with news about the possible detrimental effects of cell phones, recent research in Finland indicates that the protein in human cells is altered when subjected to cellphone radiation, though the health effects of the radiation remain unclear.

The Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority subjected a small area of skin on the forearms of 10 female volunteers to cellphone radiation (otherwise known as radio frequency modulated electromagnetic fields – RF-EMF) for one hour.

Biopsies of exposed skin showed skin alterations that were not seen in similar biopsies on non-exposed skin.

The study, which was published Monday in the online journal BMC Genomics, said that analysis of 580 proteins identified eight proteins that were affected. The agency claimed it was the first study showing that “molecular level changes might take place in human volunteers in response to exposure to RF-EMF,” describing it as “globally unique.” A more extensive study is planned for 2009.

Reason enough to tell the office that you don’t need to check in?