Anthelios Sunscreens: Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?

Anthelios sunscreens are a top seller at PhaMix and for good reason – they work! What you may not know, however, is that not all Anthelios sunscreens are created the same.

Anthelios sunscreens marketed in Canada and Europe contain highly effective UVA/UVB blockers Mexoryl SX and Mexoryl XL. Some of the newer formulations also contain Tinosorb S, a highly effective blocker of UVA and some UVB rays. When combined with titanium dioxide, avobenzone and octocrylene, you really do get the ultimate in sun protection. These new formulations are not available in the USA – so take care to read ingredient labels when purchasing Anthelios sunscreens manufactured for the US market.

While the FDA has approved Mexoryl SX for use in sunscreens, it has not yet approved Mexoryl XL and Tinosorb S so they are not found in Anthelios sunscreens marketed in the USA. What you will find instead are sunscreens that contain Cell-Ox Shield. Cell-Ox Shield is NOT the same as Mexoryl SX/XL or Tinosorb S. It is a combination of 5 older filtering agents including avobenzone, homosalate, octisalate, octocryene and oxybenzone. Some of these ingredients have been associated with allergic skin reactions, hormone disruption and may be photo unstable, causing them to break down upon exposure to sunlight.

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