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For those with sensitive skin or who are new to alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), Neostrata has introduced a new line of glycolic acid treatments – Glycolic Renewal.  These exfoliating products even out the skin’s complexion by removing the build-up of dead cells on the surface leading to radiant, younger-looking skin in just 10 days. These products are beneficial for consumers of all skin types and ages who are concerned with uneven and dull skin.

Neostrata’s Glycolic Renewal line contains encapsulated glycolic acid which leads to a gradual release of the active ingredient. This slow release minimizes the potential for side effects and makes it ideal for those who have been hesitant to try glycolic acid and suitable for even sensitive skin. Glycolic acid also has a small molecular size which allows it to penetrate effectively and remove the build-up of dead cells on the skin’s surface. You get all the benefits of an AHA with no irritation or stinging.

No matter what your skin type, you’ll find a Neostrata Glycolic Renewal formula to suit:

Once skin is conditioned, use once or twice a day as needed, gradually moving to 10% Gycolic Renewal Smoothing Cream or Smoothing Lotion.  As with any AHA product, use a broad spectrum sunscreen prior to sun exposure.

Neostrata Glycolic Renewal formulations are non-comedogenic and contain 0.4% allantoin for its soothing and anti-irritating benefits.

Apply.  Repeat.  Then get ready for the compliments.


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