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Apothekari Press – Our Natural Deodorants, As Seen In!

When you pour your heart and soul into getting something right – 2 years in the development of our natural deodorant – it’s exciting to get a bit of Apothekari press!  In this post, positive reviews and a some of the coverage we’ve received lately. Apothekari Press: Deodorant Review Shortly after introducing our deodorants, I… Read more on Apothekari »

Naturally Fresh With Dr Hauschka Deodorants

Though the debate regarding the safety of aluminum found in traditional antiperspirants and Alzheimer’s Disease rages on (evidence regarding the link is inconclusive at best), many individuals are looking for natural alternatives. If that description fits you, you may be interested to learn more about Dr Hauschka Deodorants. Formulated without the use of ingredients designed… Read more »