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New Lakota Natural Pain Relievers

Since 2000, Lakota Herbs has been offering natural alternatives to conventional medicines. Founded by a father and son team of farmers from Northern British Columbia, Canada, Lakota has been formulating products rooted in traditional medicine and made with natural ingredients to relieve joint, muscle, back and arthritis pain. White willow bark, yucca root, devil’s claw… Read more »

Urine In Your Skin Care

We’ve come across our fair share of unlikely-sounding skin care treatments, like nightingale poo, bee venom and snail slime, but this latest tops them all: urine. Yes, that’s right, urine. Amazingly, urine therapy, or urotherapy, is not a new trend, despite becoming a topic of conversation as consumers look for ever-more natural alternatives to commercial… Read more »

Matcha: Good for the Body, Good for the Skin

The trend towards green and natural lifestyle choices continues, and if you’ve ever had a cup of matcha tea, then you’ll know that, literally, there’s nothing more “green” than this power-packed powdered tea. Grown in the shade, matcha’s tea leaves are forced to overproduce chlorophyll, thus producing its very bright, very intense green color. This… Read more »

John Masters Organics Shampoo and Skin Care

John Masters Organics is a line of personal care products formulated by John Masters, an experienced hair stylist. If you are concerned about the addition of unnecessary preservatives, chemicals and ingredients in your personal care products, then consider this line. All the hair care products are wonderful – gentle and effective. If you have sensitive skin, this hair… Read more »

Marie Veronique Sunscreens

Developed in the tradition of artisan French bakers, Marie Véronique Organic sunscreens are hand made with carefully selected all natural ingredients. Products have been formulated in conjunction with a trained esthetician and the scientific expertise of a Physicist. The result is a line of cutting edge, luxurious and highly effective organic sunscreens that do more… Read more »

Heiko Sunscreens

Made in Canada, Heiko sunscreens are a range of zinc oxide based natural sunscreens that use organically grown and botanical ingredients. Our skin encounters UVA and UVB rays from sun exposure every day. This happens regardless of whether it is sunny or cloudy. UVB rays are important in the production of Vitamin D and nobody can dispute… Read more »

Dr Hauschka Skin Care

Dr.Hauschka Skin Care is a premium skin care range manufactured by WALA Heilmittel GmbH in Germany.  WALA was established in 1935 by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, who started producing WALA Medicines, now encompassing aound 1000 different treatments for a  range of acute and chronic diseases. The Dr Hauschka brand was introduced in 1967. Today, Dr Hauschka delivers certified Natural… Read more »

Wild-Crafted vs Organic – Which One is Better?

As consumers become more informed and selective about what they use on their skin, questions arise as to which is better: Synthetic or natural? Organic or conventional? And what does it even mean when something is labelled as organic? While we have explored many ideas in previous blog posts, we have yet to discuss the… Read more »

DIY Natural Skin Care

In the past, we’ve talked about feeding the skin, so this is where we put it to the test with some DIY natural skin care.  Whether you’ve unexpectedly run out of your favorite product or simply curious to try something new, do-it-yourself skin care is as close as your kitchen.  And frankly, if it’s something… Read more »