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MaMa Lotion – It’s Back

MaMa Lotion, a long standing customer favorite at PhaMix was discontinued a few years ago, much to everyone’s disappointment. A high potency alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) formulation, MaMa Lotion is effective at treating acne scars, dark spots, large pores, scars and melasma. Our customers LOVED it, but it was unfortunately discontinued by its manufacturers. *Unfortunately… Read more »

M2 HP Skin Refinish, Still a Favorite

Many different skin care products come across my desk claiming to be the latest and greatest, and although I willingly try them, one I always seem to return to is M2 HP Skin Refinish. And, for good reason. M2 HP Skin Refinish is an easy-to-use serum that uses the high-potency combination of 20% mandelic and… Read more »

4 Ingredients for Radiant Skin

Radiant skin indicates health, vitality and youth. If you want it, listen to your grandmother’s advice: eat well, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. We’ll take you one step further: read on for more about 4 skin care ingredients proven to help deliver radiant, clear and healthy skin. 1. Alpha hydroxy acids. Exfoliation is an… Read more »